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We regret, that just one part of our site is translated in other languages. But you will understand - too much effort -we need all sparetime for playing Tchoukball.
But there is some very interesting and necessary information for you, which we want to let you know.

If you need further information on Tchoukball in English we recommend you this site - there you can receive more interesting facts about history, basic rules and how to play this exciting new sport.


About the TchoukDevils Wels

Our Tchoukball association is located in Wels, Upper Austria (AUT). After Herbert Müllner, our head coach spent half a year in Switzerland studying sports science and getting to know Tchoukball at the University of Bern he decided to start to play Tchoukball regularly with a bunch of friends at a local gym. The first come together took place in September 2009 with about 8 interested people. Right now we are a group of about 25 players, with about 10 people playing Tchoukball two times per week. Our future plans include making this great relatively new sport popular and hence enlarge the group of players, as well as offering schools an insight into how to play Tchoukball. We’re also highly motivated to compare our skills to other Tchoukballers from all over the world. For that purpose we created an international Tchoukball event in Wels, the so called Easter Tournament.



About the Easter Tournament

This year The Easter Tournament was realized for the third time on Easter Monday as an International Tournament in Wels with teams from Traiskirchen (AUT), teams from Zorneding (GER) as well as teams of the Tchoukdevils Wels (AUT). We are looking forward to repeat this great event 2013 on Easter Monday, hopefully with teams from all over Europe or even with teams from all over the world. If you want to participate at the 4th International Easter Tournament 2013 in Wels, please enroll your team by sending an E-mail.

About the European Winners Cup 2011

The Tchoukdevils Wels organized the EWC 2011. It really was a great event. Thanks for all participants.
click on the picture for more Details about the EWC 2011

So, you are interested in Tchoukball or sure there’s a Tchoukdevil within you?


We don’t mind whether your mother tongue is German or not, whether you’re old or young, if you are motivated to learn Tchoukball come over on Mondays between 19:30 and 21:30 (VS Neustadt, Wels) or Wednesday between 20:30 and 21:30 (VS Voglweide, Wels) and join our training. For further information on Tchoukdevil dates take a look at the calendar. All you need to bring with you is sports clothing, indoor sports shoes and if available knee pads. For any additional information, please contact our head coach.


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The Tchoukdevils also communicate via facebook, so if you want further information or chat with us about Tchoukball, don’t be shy, come over and learn more about the team members and how to play Tchoukball. Our Facebook group is called "Tchoukball @ Wels".